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Corporate Events
Complimentary One Hour Consultation

Take your marketing up a notch

Have a tradeshow or brand activation coming up? Struggling to accomplish your goals with your street marketing teams? We specialize in capturing usable data from your events, increasing your brand awareness on social media channels, and improving the ROI of your event marketing campaigns. Browse our corporate event features below and then schedule a complimentary consultation.

Custom Branding

Every part of an Engage experience can be customized-photo frames, backdrops, props, sharing sites, emails, texts, animated frames, URLs, Marquee Letters, GLOGO displays, and more!

Easy Access Analyticcs

Gain more data through guest surveys and use our software's AI features to learn more about guests. Build better prospect databases. All analytics and content are available 24/7.

Prize Contests

Engage software provides the opportunity to offer automated Spin-to-Win contests as well as hashtag prize contests for sharing on social media.

QR Experiences

By using our QR feature businesses can increase survey responses, data collection rates, and decrease wait times at large events while providing a seamless experience.

Multiday & Large Events

Engage specializes in large, multiday events for corporations. Tradeshows, festivals, brand activations, street-marketing events, and sporting events are our specialty.

Roaming Booths

Use our roaming booths to bring your brand experience to your clients and create more moments that are "in the moment". Great for sporting events and large festivals.

Multiple Experiences

Utilize Engage's digital photo booths, DSLR booths, 360 booths, Marquee Letters, GLOGO displays, and roaming booths to increase experience options and brand awareness opportunities.


Use surveys to ask guests and prospects to join mailing lists or databases. Ask questions about your business and gain valuable insights. Get better responses by using the photo experience as an icebreaker.

Video Features

Use our video features on our photobooths and 360 booths to create unique FX experiences, brand testimonials, and even branded micro-commercials for direct social media sharing.

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