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Marquee Letters & GLOGO Displays

Professional grade 4ft tall marquee letters with LED RGB lighting to custom match your event. Create buzz and a photo op with a hashtag or message. Try a GLOGO box with a keepsake message board.

Marquee Letters
$75 per letter

4' tall professional level marquee letters with color-changing LED lights inside. Create any message or word in any color such as GRAD23 for a student or LOVE for a wedding reception.

Pictures coming 

Pictures coming 

GLOGO Displays
Starting at $300

GLOGO or "Glow Logo" is a marquee box with your logo or event message routed into the face and backlit by color-changing LED lighting. The display face is made of wood, pvc, acrylic, or aluminum and is a keepsake for the host after the event. GLOGOs can be combined with marquee letters for more personalized messaging. Available in 4'x4' or 4'x8'.

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